Is there still hope for capatilism?
Tea Party?…. We need a Party!
I guess I’m an adult now because I care about politics
and I’m worried about paying my bills.

I have an idea… let’s tax the rich more. The ones we bailed out after they made money betting against the loans they gave to people who couldn’t afford them. I’m starting to think that capitalism isn’t the best way for us to survive. It just makes us use up the Earth’s resources to create garbage to consume. The problem (besides destroying the Earth and not living sustainably) is we don’t even have enough money to consume anything anymore, so now the ding dong heads are going to the countries that are at earlier stages of capitalism’s death march and exploiting them. I’m not even sure regulation would work. CEO’s are helpless once faced with those kind of profits. Workers are exhausted. The money isn’t getting sucked out the bottom by welfare programs and social security, it’s getting horded at the top by the bankers, corporations, and yes the Military Industrial Complex. Yikes. end