No Tour, Hibernate

Never did make it out West… Ah Well….next decade. A lot gigs fell through and the job I was going to do seemed a bit dangerous, so I stayed in my safe bubble of Vermont. Work within your limitations, right? I’m working on some new songs and feeding the wood stove. It becomes night at 5PM. I think it’s midnight at 6PM. A Japanese Label wants to replicate my last album for the Japanese and Taiwanese markets. Jonathan Ryan Storm is making the art for the release! A little girl with face paint on her cheeks just walked by me in the library and smiled….now I’m happy. I think I want to have children. Yesterday I kept seeing fathers walking their sons around and I felt the biological tug. Maybe not as strong as a childless 39 year old women, but pretty strong… I’m almost 35 and somewhat feminine. I think I need to get a part time job. This music production thing is hard to pull off. Damn laziness, damn credit cards!