Chris said I should add a post to my site because it was starting to look dead. I can always turn to him for advice. He’s even right sometimes, half the time maybe… everything seems to be about half right these days. Well… I’ve been doing a lot of mixing/recording for local Burlington, VT bands and it’s been very fulfilling. Slowly working on some down tempo psychological synthesizer ballads about human interaction. Trying to avoid drama in general, so my adrenals don’t fall permanently asleep. Makes it more difficult to find something to write about though, so I bought some paint pens and I’ve been tracing and coloring pieces of plywood to make them look uglier while listening to Art Garfunkel’s album “Watermark”. Jimmy Webb wrote the songs and they are gorgeous. I’ve decided to forgoe pining and whining about labels and start my own. Thanks to everybody who has purchased music from the site! It will all go towards releasing my music on vinyl. I’m going to tour the Northwest in mid November, so check back for the dates soon. Good night.