Back home.  Now what?  Find a place to live maybe?  Buy some rice cakes and Teddie peanut butter?  Yes.

The tour went well.  A lot of waiting, driving (on veggie oil!!), more waiting and some playing mixed in there.  Well worth it!

Thank you Rob for letting us use your vehicle and musical gear.  Thank you for diving into the u-haul veggie sludge storage zone without a second thought.  Thank you for being a wonderful musician too!  Thank you Julia for being the best midi keyboardist/tina interpreter/accountant (not much to account for)  in North America!    Thank you Andy (Boris) for being up for an adventure on such short notice and banging the meeatle drums in all the right places!  Can’t forget  the fabulous Bobby Missile–thanks  for setting up a great tour!  Until next time…..