I played a show at Brandeis last night and it was muy fun. I felt a bit like Rodney Dangerfield though. 35-20=15
I had to go outside while the other bands were playing to give my ears a rest; I’m starting to get tinnitus. I watched and listened through a perspiration frosted window. It was extremely cold outside (14 degrees) and I could feel my hips tightening up. One of Adam’s friends shared some Brian Austin and we had a little ceremony to stay warm. Everybody was so, so nice. I wish I could have chatted more. Cuties. Very positive experience. I was invited back to A’s to party down, but I passed. I didn’t really want to get my clothes smokey…..and I only had to drive an hour to get to my mother’s house. Rock on!

Description of other bands:

guitarists+delay pedals+loud parts+quiet parts+50 minute set= Caspian

real riffs+grace slick+grunge+slender drummer+rickenbacker w/ longest sweater in North America+ atonal solo’s (yes!)= Screaming Females

Thanks again Adam and Justice!