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March Tour

Posted at 2014-02-27

Thursday, March 6 @ BCA Center in Burlington, VT w/ Danny Bissette and Lauren Akin

Friday,  March 7 @ Secret Location in Jamaica Plain, MA w/ Secret Lover, Cult and Leper, Bong Wish

Saturday, March 8 @ Smog Club, Bard College in Annandale, NY

Thursday, March 13 @ The Crown in Baltimore, MD

Friday, March 14 @ The Mothlight in Asheville, NC w/ Bulgogi, Total War

Saturday, March 15 @ GoBar in Athens, GA

Sunday, March 16th @ TBA

Monday, March 17 @ Valley of the Vapors Festival in Hot Springs, AR

Tuesday, March 18 @ Cafe Ventana in St. Louis, MO w/ Guerilla Toss, Britches, Kisser

Wednesday, March 19 @ Turf Club in St. Paul, MN w/ Guerilla Toss,  Botzy

Thursday, March 20 @ The Burlington in Chicago, IL w/ Guerilla Toss

Friday, March 21 @ The Swamp in Carbondale, IL w/ Guerilla Toss

Saturday, March 22 @ Dreamland in Louisville, KY w/ Guerilla Toss

Sunday, March 23 @ Happy Dog in Cleveland, OH w/ Guerilla Toss, Fertile the Drip

Monday, March 24 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn w/ Guerilla Toss, Death Moth, D. Watusi



Upcoming Shows

Posted at 2014-01-12

1/29 @ radio bean w/ dj disco phantom

1/30 brooklyn NY @ the silent barn w/

guerilla toss
cloud becomes your hand
jeremy smoking
horse lords
sediment club
brat pitt
no magic

1/31 boston MA @ the elks lodge w/

guerilla toss

2/1 northampton MA @the flywheel w/

guerilla toss

bromp treb


November Shows

Posted at 2013-11-05

November 7th, 8:30pm @ Buoy in Kittery, ME w/Coke Weed

November 8th, 10pm @ Wesleyan w/Speedy Ortiz and Featherwood

New Video

Posted at 2013-07-22

video by Joey Pizza Slice

Album release/Tour

Posted at 2013-06-27

Identity Picks is out on 7/2.  Go buy it at NNA Tapes.

Tour info:

7/11 • Burlington, VT @ Signal Kitchen with Maryse Smith and Heloise & the Savoir Faire
7/12 • Boston, MA @ Roggies with Guerilla Toss, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Son Of Salami
7/13 • Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery with Forget Forget
7/14 • Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands with Co La, Blanche Blanche Blanche and Xander Duell
7/15 • Baltimore, MD @ Coward Shoe with Co La, The Fell Band and Ami Dang
7/16 • Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA with Buffalo Stance
7/17 • Saratoga Springs, NY @ Spring Street Gallery
7/18 • North Hampton, MA @ Sierra Grille Music with Great Valley

Thanks Darling

p.s. Be on the look out for a new video made by the amazing remote control manipulator, Sir Joey Pizza Slice.

p.s.s  Special thanks to The Boston Hassle for sincere, good feelings.

Joey Pizza Slice is working on a video

Posted at 2013-06-12

here’s the trailer

new album out at the end of the month

New Album this Summer

Posted at 2013-03-23

NNA will be releasing another album for me and I’m thankful.
It’s called Identity Picks. Eight long songs created to help give my life meaning. I sent off the final mixes yesterday, but I’m sure I’ll make at least two changes this week and annoy the mastering engineer. I might speed up the end of a song like Black Sabbath did on War Pigs. It will be a slower increase though.

Hopefully your winter tightness is lessening and you don’t get that creeper March/April virus.

Until next year…


Posted at 2012-08-08

I love woodcut prints, I love Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
I hate schmoozing.

It’s Hot.

Posted at 2012-08-05

It makes me grumpy pants cloud brain sticky talk.

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Bimonthly = Twice a month or every two months or both. A messenger pigeon or a carrier pigeon is a homing pigeon not a passenger pigeon. They’re extinct. Listen to the guru, let her lead you into mania and then slide back into the pit with all the other regulars. Chittenden County Suffer Authority means well pray tell. Inguinal hernia knocks your socks off. Ramen epipidymus natural born provider tiny passenger pigeons in migratory flock 1 mile wide and 300 miles long. That’s a lot of bird shit. We shot them down of course right on course to destruction of nature. Selfish in the abstract attempting to control the uncontrollable